Monday, December 30, 2013

Here are My 2014 Resolutions!

     Since the end of 2013 is upon us I think this is a good moment to list my next year's resolutions. Normally people keep these lists private, but as a way of making myself accountable...Here they are in no particular order.

  • Eat better - I usually try to eat healthy but many days I just eat what I can find in the small cafe at work. I will make a better effort at eating a more balanced diet at work.
  • Walk more - I had knee surgery this summer, so I was a bit inactive for the second half of the year. I'm planing a couple of multi-day hiking trips this year in preparation for a 2 weeks pilgrimage in a couple of years so I have to train and build up strength on my knees.
  • Spend more time reading - I'm an avid reader but acquire so many books that I hardly have any time to keep up with my queue. I commit to read a minimum of 12 books on paper and another 12 on tape. This will make it a minimum of 24 books in 2014, a goal I feel is easily achievable.
  • Spend less time on line - One of my time wasters is my "second-life" (I.E internet persona, which includes facebook, tweeter,etc,  as well as on-line gaming). It is very easy to disconnect your brain and spend hours just paging over completely useless information. With my limited time, I do not have the luxury for these.
  • Record more of my music - I need to make an effort to record my music so that i can share it here in the blog.
  • Increase my guitar repertoire - this is something I'm always doing, but I need to be more structured about it.

   So there you have it, my new years resolutions for 2014. Lets see how much I can accomplish this year!

"Viva Cristo Rey!!"