Friday, October 11, 2013

Katy Perry and the Use of Sacred Images by Secular Icons

    I'm no fan of Katy Perry. I don't care about her music.  I couldn't recognize her even if she were to walk right up to me and say "hi!". I however have an eagle eye (my kids call it an obsession) for all things Catholic in the secular media, specially when these things are our Sacred Images...Specially when these Sacred Images are the images of Our Blessed Mother. This is why when this article flashed  for a couple of seconds in my Yahoo news-feed it caught my attention.  I can not describe my reaction when I saw Katy Perry (yes, the same Katy Perry who has recorded songs like "I kissed a Girl" and "U R so Gay") displaying an image of the Blessed Mother on her shirt.

    I often wander if the Church should trademark all things Catholic, you know like the rosary (used by rapers and gang members as jewelery), the sign of the cross (most often seen in horror movies and shows like "Ghost Hunters" when things start getting "really scary") or even the word "Catholic" (nowadays used by many "less than Catholic" universities and hospitals). At the least this would protect our beloved sacred objects from been profaned and desecrated; at the most it would create some badly needed royalties income to pay for more pro-life and pro-family media content. One can only dream...  

Anyway, here are some pictures of Ms. Perry appearance at Jimmy Fallon's Late night show, reducing the image of the Theotokos to a mere name brand product.

 This one made me wander...

 What will Ms. Perry say when The Good Lord asks her "Soooo...What did you do with that image of mom I sent you???"

"Viva Cristo Rey!!"