Saturday, August 17, 2013

Crikey: The Australian Spanish Speaking Kookaburra

   So there is this bird, his name is Crikey. He lives at the San Diego zoo. Crikey is a Kookaburra which I believe is Australian for "Hilariously loud small bird". You can find lots of Kookaburra videos on line, no big deal. What is particular about Crikey is that you can make him laugh by "rolling your r's" like in the Spanish word "Arroz". Apparently, Crikey reacts to this most unique Spanish sound. I'm not sure if all Kookaburras do this, but to me this could only mean that Crikey has a special affinity to "La lengua de Cervantes". Here is Crikey in all his glory, Notice how his handler tells people to "roll your r's like in Spanish".