Monday, June 24, 2013

Egyptian Statue Turning 180 degrees... by Itself???

Coming from the Caribbean I have seen some weird stuff in my life. This is why this video caught my attention. Apparently there is an Egyptian statue at the Manchester Museum (UK) which slowly (it actually takes days) turns by 180 degrees. The statue is in a sealed enclosure attached to the wall, and by what can be seen in the security camera no one touches it. Here is the raw video:

                                               NOTE: I apologize for the background music. Not of my making.

Some people are claiming a supernatural origin for this behavior, but I think there is a more natural explanation for it. Notice that the statue only moves during the day when people walk by it. During the  night (and you can see when the night is in the video) the statue remains still. So the correlation between the vibrations caused by people's steps and the movement of the statue is clearly established.

An easy way to see if the movement is intrinsic to the statue (supernatural) or due to the vibrations caused by museum patrons (natural) is to place the statue on a pedestal and see if this behavior continues.  Of course I'm sure the museum would not like to determine what causes this movement, since a statue who moves by itself is always good for business.

"Viva Cristo Rey!!"