Sunday, January 20, 2013

New Study About Adult Children of Homosexual Couples

    From the University of Texas (Via The Vatican Insider) comes a landmark study about the adult children of homosexual couples. I believe the results are very telling. Basically the life of these individuals is no bed of roses, and the study seems to corroborate what the Church has always taught: The best and most stable and fruitful environment for a child to grow is with a loving father and a loving mother.Here are some very telling excerpts. (Sociologist Mark Regnerus of the University of Texas is the author of this research)

From the data presented which caused the greatest stir, it emerged that 12% of children brought up by same-sex couples contemplate suicide (against 5% of children with heterosexual parents), they are more inclined to be unfaithful (40% against 13%), they are unemployed more often (28% against 8%) and they are more likely to visit a psychotherapist (19% against 8%). They are also more often under social service surveillance compared to peers who are raised by heterosexual couples. In 40% of cases they will catch a sexually transmitted disease at some point (against 8% of peers raised by heterosexual couples) and they are generally less healthy, poorer and more likely to smoke and commit criminal offenses.

The LGBT movement in the U.S. has launched a powerful campaign to de-legitimize Regnerus’ theory which often borders on insulting and almost constitutes moral lynching with its extraordinary violence. Appeals have been signed for the University of Texas to fire the researcher. An internal inquiry was launched to check the scientific accuracy of the study. Then on 29 August, this statement appeared on the University of Texas website: “The University of Texas at Austin has determined that no formal investigation is warranted into the allegations of scientific misconduct lodged against associate professor Mark Regnerus regarding his July article in the journal Social Science Research.” According to the university, “there is insufficient evidence to warrant an investigation” and it “deemed the matter closed from an institutional perspective.” The internal inquiry therefore recognized the study as a legitimate piece of work and confirmed it respected research methodology protocol.

You can read the complete article here.

You can get a PDF copy of the report here.

As the article says, the LGBT movement has launched a campaign to discredit this report, to the point it forced the UOT to open an inquiry of Regnerus research methodology. Thankfully, scientific rigor and academic freedom prevailed and the good professor was cleared of any wrong doing.

Here is a PDF and the UOT inquiry final report.

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